Our incredible journey began with our first step in 1994, when we established a small clinic and pharmacy Batha with few doctors and staff under the name AL-SMARI.Within a short span it garnered a reputation of providing high quality medical services at nominal expenses.The turning point occured when the institution was renamed as AL-RYAN with increased number of doctors and related infrastructure on 12th August 2009.More facilities were added and the institution developed into a fullfledged health care centre with well equipped modern machineries and services . We attribute our success today to the sincerity, hard work and commitment of our Doctors and staff, which have helped us grow and prosper over the yeras.

   We believe in the policy of providing healthcare to all sections of society while upholding ethical medical practices and discouraging malpractices. Our patients are assured of receiving personalized care in a compassionate and friendly environment under the highest standards of quality at affrodable prices.These founding principles continue to guide and motivate us every day as we aspire to remain the leading helthcare brand in the related segment.

   We are committed to serving the community and sincerely pledge to provide our patients a better life- Providing A Healthier and Happier Life

   Our Vision -Is to offer premium medical services for the residents and expatriates of Riyadh ,thereby ensuring them a healthy future.
   Our Mission " To provide high quality healthcare solutions to our patients from all classes of society with dedication , and support of our highly qualified and experienced team of doctors and staff, whilst striving for the benefit of all our stakeholders. "
    Our Values " Patients First" is our foremost priority and the focus of all of our activities .Our responsibility is to provide the best possible care and relief for every pateint . We strive to exceed our patient's expectations for comfort and convenience.

   It is always a pleasure while heading a noble institution as AL RYAN which repeatedly places emphasis into service of community not only in words but in practice too. Iam proud to have a team of efficient and sincere staffs which ensures all the values that AL RYAN stands for is aptly put in practice. Our Service and facilities have been lauded by the Health Ministry officials who make routine visits. Iam proud to be able, to be a part of this successful endeavor from the start and never did doubt the institution to reach the heights of success it is now.
    Above all serving people from all walks of lives from diffrent countries with diffrent socioecnomic background in itself is an achievement. It is no simple feat in the current circumstances where everything is about business amd minting money. It is my promise that no one will be denied medicalcare from us due to lack of money or any other factors.
    Because any service to humanity is a service to ALMIGHTY . May HE bless us all with good health and longevity.

   I am very pleased to extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of Al-Ryan polyclinic,a new and advanced concept in the heart of Riyadh city for and wellness care. Al-Ryan's objectives and startegies are all derived from our tagline - "Qyality health care with humane touch".which also forms the basis of our existence.
    Al-Ryan lays special emphasis on reviving the lost art of healing We believe outstanding healthcare should be complemented by a healing touch; a rarity in today's fast-paced world where in the race for clinical perfection, this very important factor in the process of healing has almost been forgotten.our goal is to offer accessible, compassionate and best patient-centered care at affordable costs and ultimately exceed patients expectations. We are continously expanding and updating our clinical practice and service lines to meet the growing needs of our patient population.
    Al-Ryan polyclinic cannot achieve its mission ,vision, values and its associated goals and objectives without the participation,persistence, dedication and commitment of our highly qualified multicultural team of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and Administrator Staff. We encourage satff at all levels of the hospital to become engaged and involved in the provision of care and treatment services at this institution.
    We hope the information contained in our website will be helpful to you ,and allay any doubts with regars to our commitment of "Patient first"